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Organicom / Gibbs Corporation
Service to the poultry industry since 1983

     Organicom/Gibbs Corporation is the midwest's leading seller/distributor of agricultural chicken litter. In our continuing tradition of service we also offer composting services for all types of poultry waste and bulk organics for potting soil mixes and landscaping. Our leading seller, Red Rooster Chicken Litter is a safe and effective composted fertilizer made of chicken litter, sawdust and rice hulls; it is the perfect alternative to chemical fertilizers.

Red Rooster Chicken Litter

     Universities and extension services have conducted extensive research showing soils treated with composted organics produce plants with better root systems, greater resistance to pests and diseases and higher yields. We recommend organics or organic combinations for almost any application and with Organicom's ag chicken litter, delivered and spread on your row crops, your farming will be more successful and more affordable. Contact us about our "Red Rooster Chicken Litter" --  the Organic Fertilizer that's perfect for any job!

     Organicom also offers choices for lawn and garden care including potting soil blends, top soil and mulches. The use of chicken litter fertilizer offers many soil enhancing characteristics including:Your crops can benefit from Red Rooster Chicken Litter.

  • lower costs than commercial fertilizers;
  • adding organic matter to the soil;
  • maintaining soil pH levels;
  • safe and easy to handle;
  • low odor;
  • and is perfectly safe for the environment.

     Organicom's Red Rooster Chicken Litter is all-natural which helps you fertilize responsibly. Chicken Litter is perfect for all types of plants from flowers to field crops and chicken litter won't pollute the enviroment, while helping manage soil moisture and aiding in the control of soil erosion.

     You can contact Organicom with questions or ordering information using their online form or by email.


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